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Where The Eagles Gather.
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"Where the Eagles Gather"


Our TRAVEL & TOURISM 2014 Summer Season the Gandy family will once again be filming fun adventures at area attractions.
for our AustinTX.TV series.


Starring: Avery Rose, Brett Lewis and new talent Damiah Landrum

Last year we filmed a Day Trip to Bastrop, Texas. CLICK HERE to view.
This year we filmed a Day Trip to Manor, Texas. CLICK HERE to view.
And we are planning future trips to Elgin, Pflugerville and Georgetown, Texas.

CLICK HERE for more information on Austin Parks

(Note below clips are no longer active. We will be re-uploading them soon)

Barton Springs is a favorite place to relax and cool off in Austin.
Jamie and Gideon enjoy the cool waters of Barton Springs Creek. The song is "Float Away" by Lindsey Ray. ~ Trent Butler, a senior in high school demonstrates Rope Swinging on the cliffs.


Liz Carpenter Water Fountain in January 2011 before it was torn down for renovation. Rock climbing at Barton Creek Greenbelt


Lady Bird Trail on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, TX, and Lou Neff Point at Sunset.

Austin is known as THE CITY WITHIN A PARK. Join us on Channel 10 as we explore Austin one park at a time.


Future Programs will include the many festivals in Central Texas and more Austin parks, trails and creeks including some of our favorite dog friendly trails at Shoal Creek and Walnut Creek. We will pick up filming restaurants in our area especially with Dog Friendly Patios. Green Mesquite Barbecue on Barton Springs Road is one of our favorite that we filmed.

Program #56 The Jesus Country Show at New Hope Community Church in Round Rock.

Program #55 How to Ride a Bull from the Jesus Country Show

Program #54 - First Coast Travel & Tourism - Austin Zoo
Tigers, Lions, Panthers, Bears, Goats, Birds and Reptiles.

Program #53 - SXSW on St. Patrick's Day 2012

Program #52 - 1 hour 30 mins. Includes SXSW Flash Jordan and Danny Boy at Stevie Ray Vaughn Statue; Programs #51, #49

Program #51 - Leslie Cochran's Memorial at Auditorium Shores

Program #50 - SXSW in March 2012

Program #49 - Sherwood Forest Faire

Program #48 - Whales Dolphins & Peacocks

Program #47 - Peacocks at Mayfield Park

Program #46 - Movies and Parks

Program #45 - # 40 Rainbow Castle Programs

Program #39 - First Coast Travel & Tourism 1 hour Christmas program including #38 & #36

Program #38 - First Coast Travel & Tourism - Christmas in Austin 2011 Part 1 - 30 minutes.
Interview with Kerri Holden at Four Seasons Hotel about their Gingerbread Village celebrating Texas' 175 years of Independence; Christmas Trees at the Texas State Capitol; St. Mary's Cathedral and the Old Oil Rig at San Jacinto.

Program #37 - First Coast Travel & Tourism - Christmas in Central Texas 1 hr 30 min.

Program #36 - First Coast Travel & Tourism - "A Christmas Affair" with Junior League of Austin at Palmer Event's Center

Program #35 - Israel Conference at University of Texas

Program #34 - Mauri Gandy interview with Actress Roma Downey of "Touched By An Angel" on her children's DVD's "Little Angels">

Program #33 - Tomorrow's Meals Today
J. Craig Gandy interviews Matthew Hester and Donald Morrow at their new restaurant.

Program #32 - Reagan High School's Community Garden and Hope Fest at Reagan High School on October 22nd.

Program #31 - Dell Children's Medical Center Tour with Ray Blue

Program #30 - Aster's Ethiopian Restaurant

Program #29 - The Complete Video of all 74 Cows from the Cow Parade Austin.

Program #28 - Rally For Real Foods & Say No to GMO - Oct 2, 2011 at the Texas State Capitol.

Program #27 - Cedar Creek Concert Benefit

Program #26 The Gandy's take a tour on Lone Star Riverboat to film the Bat Cow and watch the bats fly out from under Congress Bridge.

The video to the right is our Bat Tour on the Lone Star Riverboat. The boat playing "Oh Happy Days". is from footage I shot last winter while at Longhorn Shores.

Program #26 - The Bats under Congress Bridge in Austin

Program 24 - Cow Parade Austin submitted to Channel Austin on September 11th, 2011
Jamie & Mauri Gandy film all 70 cows on the Cow Parade Austin.
Program 23 - 17 cows; Program 22 - 51 cows and a 3 minute video on "Got Color", the first cow we filmed in front of Carver Museum in East Austin.

Program 21 - Labor Day at the Mueller Park and Auditorium Shores with footage of Bastrop fires.

Program #20
Jamie and her dad J. Craig Gandy visit the Town Lake Animal Shelter. J. Craig Gandy interviews Johnny Walker of Play Me Austin. History of Lady Bird Lake. The Gandy's visit dog friendly Green Mesquite Barbecue on Barton Springs Rd. Gideon gets bathed at Dirty Dog.

Program 18 & 19- Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival August 28, 2011
Program 19 includes tour of Capital Area Food Bank.

Program 17 - A Glimmer of Hope" fund raiser for Ethiopia at Skinny's Ballroom on August 27, 2011. Will T. Massey and Dave Jones play a set of songs; Mr. Berber talks about the worst drought in 60 years in Ethiopia, and the band Residual Kid plays several of their own written songs.

Program 16 is a one hour program combination of Gideon and his doggy friends swimming at Red Bud Isle on Lady Bird Lake and Gideon getting a bath at Dirty-Dog on South Lamar.

Program 15 - We started at Auditorium Shores on a clear January night. The next day we hiked Barton Creek Greenbelt with Gideon our famous TV dog. The bottom of Barton Creek was dry and full of limestone rocks. We found rock climbers along the cliffs and got some tips from Kareem Al-Bassem and Chere Chancey. Craig said the walk back was more focused towards our destination! Jamie and I ended the hike with a quick tour of The Betty Sheffield Education Center also known as "Splash". (43:22 min)

Programs #13 & #14 - Filming nine pianos on Lady Bird Trails along the lake and the second part we film the four remaining pianos in Austin and went back to Lou Neff Point at Sunset April 30th.

Program #12 - Austin Parks Special Spring Series
2 hours 14 minutes (Includes Programs #2 #3 #8 and new footage at Walterlou Park and Onion Creek Park: This Special Parks program begins on the South Shore of Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail at Lamar and west end of Riverside, Barton Creek, Zilker Park, Philosophers' Rock, Lou Neff Point, and Trent Butler rope swinging. Part 2: Craig Gandy at the newly opened Pfluger Bridge and Butler Park in front of Liz Carpenter Fountains, and swans at Auditorium Shores. Part 3: Zilker Trails SE entrance off Robert E. Lee Road across bridge to Lou Neff Point. Part 4: Craig talks at Waterlou Park and NE entrance of Texas State Capitol. Part 5: Craig introduces Onion Creek Park. Dog Leash Free Park, and Frisbee playing. more great fun at the Austin parks.

Program #11 - Austin Parks Special Spring Series
Norwood Estates Dog Park and Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail East of IH35 including Lake Shores and Longhorn Dam.

Program #10 - Austin Parks Special Spring Series
2 hr. special of Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trails and Zilker Park
Includes footage from programs 2, 3, 8, 9 and additional special footage including the Liz Carpenter Fountain.

Program #9 - Austin Parks Special Spring Series
Barton Springs Greenbelt - includes walking the trails with Gideon the famous tv dog, rock climbing,
the Beverly Sheffield Education Center and "Splash into the Edwards Aquifer" at Zilker Park.

Program #8 - Austin Parks Special Spring Series
Auditorium Shores, James Pfluger Bridge, Barton Springs & Lou Neff Point. Aired in April.

Program #7 - Texas State Capitol in December. - Aired in mid January.

Program #6 - 2 Hr. Christmas Special aired three times during week of Christmas.

Program #5 - CLICK HERE to watch our Austin Skyscraper Show

Program #4 - Fall Festivals.

Program #3 - Take a Sunday afternoon stroll with the Gandy's down Lake Bird Hike & Bike Trail through Barton Springs Creek to Zilker Park.

Program #2 - A visit to Channel Austin's Main Studio. Watch Chris & Pokey Ritter and the Gandy Crew get ready for the Live Trailer Park Show. Then take a break and cool off with Jamie and Gideon the famous tv dog in Barton Springs Creek.

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We began our First Coast Travel & Tourism Programs in December 2009
J. Craig Gandy hosted our Central Texas Christmas Travel & Tourism Shows


The First Coast Travel & Tourism was introduced in our Rainbow Castle Series

Rainbow Castle #12 - Our 4th Christmas special. Special on the large Christmas tree at the Texas state capitol and the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm and Evergreen Tree Farm.

Rainbow Castle #16 - Our 8th Christmas special - The city of Burnet Texas turns their main street into Bethlehem as it was when Jesus was born.

Rainbow Castle #15 - Our 7th Christmas special - Visit the historic town of Elgin, Texas, and tour the old Elgin train musuem.

Red Roof Inn


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