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Where The Eagles Gather.
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"Where the Eagles Gather"
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As we film around the Austin area we will collect information on the various monuments that we discover.

My Favorite - The Philosopher's Rock at Barton Springs Pool entrance.



The Alamo Memorial 1 was the first monument that was installed on the Capitol Grounds in 1891. The Volunteer Firemen Monument 2 was installed in 1896. Officials installed the Confederate Soldiers Monument 3 in 1903 and two cast-iron spraying fountains set in ornamental concrete pools were installed in 1904. The elaborate drinking fountain with an overhead electric light fixture on the east side of the Great Walk at the site of an artesian well was also added in 1904. In 1907 the Monument commemorating Terry's Texas Rangers 4 was installed. The Monument to Hood's Brigade 5 , the Texas Brigade Army of Northern Virginia was dedicated in 1910, and the Texas Cowboy 6 was added in 1925. The Statue of Liberty Replica 7 and "The Hiker" 8 honoring veterans of the Spanish-American War were added in 1951. The Veterans of the 36th Infantry 9 was added in 1959. In 1961 The memorial honoring the Soldiers of World War I 10, and The Ten Commandments 11 was dedicated. A memorial dedicated to Disabled Veterans 12 was added in 1980, and in 1989 a monument was added remembering Pearl Harbor Veterans 13 . The Texas Pioneer Woman 14, and the Tribute to Texas Children 15 were added in 1998. And in 1999 the Korean War Veterans 16 and the Texas Peace Officers 17 were dedicated as Texas Memorials on the State Capitol Grounds.

(The video on the right with J. Craig Gandy highlights The Cowboy Monument, The Confederate Soldiers Monument and The Volunteer Firefighters Statue
Nov 6, 2010)

Marker at the west side of the State Capitol about the lake that once occupied the west side until 1926

The Alamo Memorial, World War 1 Memorial, The United States Army, The Texas Korean War Memorial, and The Ten Commandments. Photographs by Jamie Gandy

Information of Monuments

Angelina Eberly is often considered the savior of Austin, and has a bronze statue of her firing a cannon on Congress Avenue for tourists to check out. Learn the story of Angelina Eberly and how she alerted the Austin townspeople of a great theft in 1842 Read more and take a look at a great photograph by
Austin Tourism: Angelina Eberly Statue

The Goddess on top of the Texas State Capitol

School Children at State Capitol

The Newspaper Boy located outside of the Texas Press Association building at 718 W. Fifth St., Austin, TX 78701.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Statue


Just 4 Kids Magazine - April 2005 - We went to the Texas State Capitol to report on the Ten Commandments Monument.

Texas State Preservation Board

Virtual Tourist.com

Book of Memorials, Monuments and Statues at www.tvc.state.tx.us

Capitol of Texas Vietnam War Monument passed during the 79th Legislative Session May 20, 2005 to be built on the Texas Capitol Grounds by Artist Duke Sundt.


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