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Where The Eagles Gather.
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"Where the Eagles Gather"
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JCI First Coast Travel & Tourism is aired on Channel Austin.

Program #13 - Pianos at Lady Bird Trail

First airing of this program - April 30th from 9 am - 11:13 am
May 1st from 12 pm - 12:38 pm
May 3rd from 6 pm - 6:38 pm

Follow Jamie Gandy and Gideon the famous tv dog as they walk the trails along Lady Bird Lake to view and play nine pianos.

For More information go to: Play Me Austin.com

Location of pianos filmed for this program:
First Piano filmed was at the Fannie Davis Gazebo at Auditorium Shores
Piano #2 on 1st Street Pedestrian Bridge
Piano #3 at Shoal Creek Peninsula on North Shore Piano #5 on Pfluger Bridge
Piano #6 on top of Doug Sahm Hill at Butler Park
Piano #7 in front of the Long Center facing Auditorium Shores
Piano #8 at Lou Neff Point (Oscar plays piano)
Piano #9 at Wooldridge Square Gazebo across from Travis County Courthouse.

Program #14 - Pianos at Downtown Austin.

Piano #10 at the "W" Hotel
Piano #11 at Austin City Hall
Piano #12 at Duncan Park
Piano #13 at Austin City Jail (Jamie Gandy and Mario plays the piano on April 29th)

April 30th we went back to the piano at Austin City Hall with Marlene Nichols of Music With a Difference.com. She played several inspirational songs.
Also playing Lizzi & Kate.
Sunset at Lou Neff Point with unknown female from out of state, Greer Evans, Kurt, and the program ends with a couple playing together at dark after their prom.

Program # in process.

Interview with Johnny Walker on Tuesday May 10th on Pfluger Bridge. Jamie plays the piano at Republic Park on May 8th after filming the National Day of Prayer at the Texas State Capitol

(We did not film the piano at Frost Bank because they moved the piano under their garage after it was painted the 2nd week of this event. Reports say that paint got on the pavement and they moved it. We went by several times but it was never placed back out to be played.)


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